4 April 2016

caseyatbat4.4Dear Fans,

Today is Baseball Opening Day. It’s a day of optimism and hope. It’s a day of sunshine and light after a long winter of waiting. It’s a day of tradition, when we think about how important baseball has been the the American character.

In honor of Opening Day, we’ll read one of my favorite poems. It’s long and it uses old words, but part the joy of reading is unlocking texts and figuring out what they mean. You’ll have a lot of deciphering to do in this poem, but it will be worth it.


Mr. Heimbuck

1 April 2016

exterminator4.1Dear Students,

Bad news: we have an infestation in our room. Today, exterminators have to come in and treat our classroom. So we’ll be traveling around from classroom to classroom. Whenever another class has their specials, we’ll be in their room.

Make sure you bring all of your materials with you. And remember to be a like a dead fish and “go with the flow.”


Mr. Heimbuck

31 March 2016

writing3.31.jpgDear Writers,

You have something to say. The prize goes to those who find the most interesting way to say it. Just getting an idea down isn’t enough. You have to do it in a way that people find new and meaningful.

And writing is an active process. You’re not just putting your ideas down on paper; you’re actively figuring those ideas out. Writing is really about teaching yourself: about what you really think, about what the world is really like, and about your place in it.

That’s not an easy thing. But it’s a worthwhile thing.


Mr. Heimbuck

30 March 2016

wethepeople3.30Dear We the People,

You get a say. No matter what your parents do, or how well you do in school, or how much money you make, you get a say in how we govern our country. That’s what rule by the people means. Don’t let anyone take it away from you.

My hope for you is that you get really, really good at reading, writing, and thinking. But not only so you can get into a good school, get a good job, drive a nice car, and be in a positon of power. I hope you do it so you have something of value to add to our world.


Mr. Heimbuck

29 March 2016

foodwaste3.29Dear Eaters,

Almost half of the food grown and produced in America is wasted. And one in seven Americans doesn’t have enough to eat. This is a problem.I wonder what you can do to help solve it.

I know we eat early in the day, but lunch time is fuel-up time. Your job at lunch is to get energy so you can be focused and engaged in the afternoon.

When you dump your tray today, ask yourself if you’re helping to solve America’s food waste problem or making it worse.


Mr. Heimbuck

28 March 2016

harrison3.28Dear Attention-Givers,

“Attentiveness is your main tool in life.” Jim Harrison

Lots of places and peole vie for your attention. They want your eyes, clicks, and time. Attention is a limited resource–you have to decide where you want to spend it. But the world goes on forever and ever.

If you think of your attentiveness as a tool, then you can get better at using it. And that’s good because in your life you’ll spend more time with yourself than with any other person.


Mr. Heimbuck


18 March 2016

leisure3.18Dear Students,

Enjoy your spring break. I think you deserve it. So I’m not going to give you a homework packet. But I do want you to read every day (only things that you love), write something that’s meaningful to you, and be active.

Also, don’t annoy your family too much.

And be helpful. Unload the dishwasher.. Make your bed. Pick up your room. Doing something without being asked is a heroic deed.


Mr. Heimbuck

17 March 2016

anne3.17Dear Historians,

While studying US history, we find a lot of admirable people. Anne Hutchinson, Benjamin Franklin, King Philip–these were everyday people who did something that spoke to others at the time. Their spirit matched the spirit of the the times. That’s why we remember them.

They offer us examples of the good life. They show us how we too can be remembered and have an impact on society, especially in this great experiment called the United States of America.


Mr. Heimbuck

16 March 2016

ada3.16Dear Coders,

We teach you to communicate with people, but throughout your life you’re going to have to communicate with machines, also. You’re going to give instructions to your phone, your car, your house, and your personal robot assistant. Either you know how to make those instructions yourself, or somebody does it for you. I vote for digital self-sufficiency!

Programming is just problem solving. And the prize goes to the one who comes up with the most efficient and elegant solution. And the big prize goes to the one who comes up with new problems to be solved.


Mr. Heimbuck

15 March 2016

aesop3.15.jpgDear Heroes,

Bullies aren’t real. Of course people treat other people like dirt. And often times they pick on others because of their differences. You’ve probably been the victim of some of these actions before. And that’s the worst feeling in the world.

But if you look at a bully close enough, you see the same fears and uncertainties that we all have. Nobody has it figured out. Everybody has their own lifetime of problems.

So we watch out for each other. We correct our friends when they treat people poorly. And we make sure we show the compassion that we want others to show to us. Against that, bullies don’t have a chance.


Mr. Heimbuck